A To-Do List.


  • Continue Contribution to the “Potential Hardware List”
    • 4-5 Mother Boards to consider.
    • 4-5 Video Cards to Consider.
    • Blog about the mix-match of Combo Deals from NewEgg


  • Find deals or economical Prices for the listed Hardware
  • Find good deals on Hard drives.
  • Contribute to the Potential Hardware List page.


  • Look into an easy-access methods of accessing the mac server.
    • I.E. Using SSH, SMB, AFP, etc.
    • Many open source software available to look into such as:
      • Plex (for video streaming)
      • Set up a VPN connection via iVPN (I am thinking of installing Mac OSX SnowLeopard Server which has a VPN utility built into it’s network settings)
      • XBMC like Plex but for Window and Linux users.
    • SSH seems to have a lot of potential;
    • One issue that we will encounter if we don’t choose to use pre made open source software will be indexing and presenting the data for access.
  • A lot of the user interface can be meddled around with and tested with any standalone mac since the accessing is dependent only on the Operating System.

I am assuming admins to this site are friendly with WordPress editing and blogging, if not we can arrange a meeting. Please feel free to comment to this post and let me know if another meeting is due in the coming week.


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