Quick Post before I call it a Night.

I am seriously considering this Combo package From Newegg.

Micheal, what’s your input on this?

Combo Contents:

– i7-870 (8 core) 2.93 Ghz Processor

-Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 LGA (suspected to work with OSX)

-4 GB Ram

-A tower Gaming Case (looks ugly though. But we can Hide it under a table or a desk)

-Power Supply 750 W.

-Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 1 TeraByte Harddrive

Bottom Line Price:  $609.99

Combo Lacks:

-Video Card (looking at the ATI 5770 going for $130 BMIR @ Tiger Direct)

-A 2TB Hard-drive If need be (~$80)

-Optical Drive (~$40 if that)

Grand Total of: $740 (no shipping) – $20 MIR (from ATI 5770) + $40 (Optical Drive)  = $760 (w/o extra HDD) to $840 (With HDD).
is this too good to be true? A i7 with a very nice motherboard and a great video card well under $900, even $800 without another harddrive.


One comment on “Quick Post before I call it a Night.

  1. This definitely looks like it has great potential.

    Processor: I certainly like the i7 and now that I think about it, I would not go down to i3. We should certainly get a quad core(8 for this i7 if you count the virtual 4) as it will increase the time till obsoleteness.

    Hard Drive: the 1 TB is a good start and will get us going for what we need to do, however it is not RAIDable, and I do not prefer Seagate, but we would not be buying this package for the hard drive, and I’d almost prefer to buy a second hard drive NOT in a package, so overall its fine.

    Case: I actually like this case, thank you very much. IT is well fanned and has nice drive space.

    RAM: fine

    Video Card: I prefer buying this separately anyway.

    Motherboard: seems fine to me.

    Overall I really like this combo, and an optical drive doesn’t cost 40 dollars, I can find a decent one for 20 (unless you want BD). I will definitely be excited about picking out an additional hard drive as well.

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