“Put i7 Back into Consideration”

After looking at the combo in the previous post, it makes getting the i7 processor seem much more affordable. Then again, I am not the financial support for this project. Nevertheless, I think it would not only increase the longevity of the system, but also its present day functioning with the previously mentioned functions:

  • Heavy HD media streaming
  • Light HD Video editing with Final Cut Studio
  • Web domain Hosting
  • Extensive large quantities of data extraction
  • Light utilization of applications like Handbreak now and then
  • Moderate Audio remix/editing with Logic Studio.
  • ** also multitasking. This computer should be able to watch 1080p, stream 1080p, and being able to function as a decent computer on other video displays. (IE excel, pages, and/or safari) simultaneously.

As this combo shows, the budget could still be achieved by cutting back on the budget for hard drive, and going down to a non-RAIDable hard drive and 1 TB instead of 2. Upgrading a hard drive is different from upgrading a processor. In the case of the processor the old has to be replaced, but with the hard drive, the old can be retained. My vote goes for an inferior HD and the superior i7. What does the financial support think?


One comment on ““Put i7 Back into Consideration”

  1. I agree, we should aim for an i7 for all the reasons you listed. for only a media center mac-mini hackintosh it’s an over kill but we’re not aiming for that. If the i7 fits in the budget of 800-900, then its a go. Using the combo package as a guide and other retail price values I found and the listed ones on the hardware page, I’m making a guideline of reasonable prices.

    Processor: ~$290
    Motherboard: ~$120
    Ram: ~$50-$70
    Computer Case: ~$55-$65
    Power Supply: ~$90 (looking for one that’s more than 600 watts)
    Hard-drive: ~$65
    Video Card: ~$120
    Optical Drive: ~$20-$30

    Grand Total Range: ~$810 – $830

    I have decided to purchase everything after all my 3 tests have taken place. This way I can calmly and collectedly place an order for all our hardware. This means we have until this friday evening 2. 18. 11 to find any alternatives to the hardware listed.

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