A Message to the Group.

Purchasing Update.

I have decided to purchase everything after all my 3 tests have taken place. This way I can calmly and collectedly place an order for all our hardware. This means we have until this friday evening 2. 18. 11 to find any alternatives to the hardware listed.

To the Group:

Other Group members please contribute to this blog, if the hardware and fiscal aspect of the project is something you cannot contribute to, then consider the following “TO-DO”  list for the blog/ project.

Ideas of pages that can be established to further inform our readers.

  • The legality debate of the project.
  • A tutorial of how to build a hackintosh. This is going to be constructed as we start assembling the hardware.
  • Back ground information page about material that’s going to be on the tutorial.
    • IE: key words, steps, the software setup difference form a PC and a mac (like defining hat a DSDT is, ELFI strings, etc.)
  • How our initiative relates to our readings in the class.
  • A page keeping up to date on news/ breakthrough in the hackintosh development. This means dwelling into other sites and forums reading latest posts regarding OSx86 drivers, builds, breakthroughs (like now there is a way to run USB3.0 ports in a hackintosh)
  • A page describing the software aspect, user interface documentation and progress.

Odd jobs that need to be done:

  • We need to find out a way to make this site more popular. It will naturally grow in popularity as we grow in literature, but the main objective is we WANT viewers.
  • The site needs to be kept organized. Tables and charts on the hardware page are not clean and tidy.
  • Grammar and English aspects need to be kept in check.
  • MAIN BULLET: We all need to communicate somehow, hopefully through this blog.
  • We need a page or series of posts that are keeping update with the software/programming (of sort) aspect for the User Access Interface.

Please, if there are any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to edit this post and add to the list.


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