Need to do List

Notice the word need. The group really needs to start getting some work done. If you want to be involved in the hardware construction process this weekend, contact Michael or Mayank.

Once again if you do not know what to work on or how to get involved with this project, please just communicate with group, on the blog, through email, phone, etc. There was a previous post detailing things that group members can get involved with. I will not relist them all, but I will reiterate some of them.

Legality. This is a topic that could have a page of its own on our blog, and there are great amounts of information that is available discussing this, such as previous law suits, the EULA, the philosophy of hardware vs. software. Cyber Law is a very new arena, that does not have very well drawn boundaries and laws,which is why this project is in the “gray” area. In the end, the whole reason for discussing legality is that it relates back to the theme of hackers “going against the norm.” Sometimes this does involve breaking or ignoring laws, and this is definitely something to explore.

Building on the relation idea, we need to make sure this blog and project address the themes of our class. Mayank and I were thinking that Stephanie and maybe Chris could really focus and develop this aspect of the project. If we cannot connect our project to the class and its themes, then it will be worthless, so this is definitely an important aspect.

Ky, we really need posts about the progress or ideas of the software for the server access. We  do not want to step on your toes with over management or specifications, we just wanna know what is going on, what ideas you have. This blog is supposed to be a document of our progress, sort of like a lab notebook documenting the process of the lab.

Please, this project is not a 2 man job. This project will be amazing if everyone contributes.


3 comments on “Need to do List

  1. As my biggest responsibility in this project is maintenance of and updating the blog, if everyone keeps me updated on what they are doing, I can more formally put together blog posts that will serve more as a documentation of our project rather than just a forum of communication between our group.

    I will also look into the class themes and draw up some ideas and support for connections between our project and class themes.


    • Just so you know, we have already been updating the site on what we have been doing. I’m not sure what you want us to tell you, because everything that we do, we post about it on the blog, as well as posting about the progress of the project. You should probably focus mroe on those themes and ideas and write something about them.


  2. Updates are being made through this site its self. Feel free to explore and read the content because that is an update on what everyone is doing. If we need a meeting to discuss anything about what every one is doing let me know or send out an email. To start a documentation of our project, a page could be a good idea. A new page that is updated, formally informing the updates of progress and “forum” talk.

    As far as the themes go, I think a separate page for that may be useful. A list of ideas and connections to the english literature we are discussing or have discussed in class would be great. Then we can all add in our two cents and brainstorm on the page and then at the end formalize the page.

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