The build begins!

Hey guys just letting you know, the weekend is here and I’m planning on assembling the hardware this weekend. I’d love it if you guys would wanna drop by and check out the PC specs or if you are interested in any particular aspect of the build drop by and join in! I am assembling it in my room or the lounge. Location: Armstrong Residence Halls Call me for Room Number. I can wait for if any one is interested before starting on the assembly or want to document the procedure. Please let me know.


2 comments on “The build begins!

  1. Hey, I would love to check out what you guys are up to with the build, but unfortunately I’m going home for the weekend. I’ll be back sometime Sunday night, maybe I could drop by sometime and see what you guys have done? Also it’d be cool if you took pictures of the process, it’d be a good supplement to our blog.

  2. Sweet, that’s fine. Drop by our room whenever you get a chance. We took many pictures of the build and I am predicting Michael will post the images up on the blog this weekend.

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