As a media solution server, Boxee client for streaming remote content is probably the way to go. Ky and I talked about this and came to a conclusion that we will base our GUI to stream content off of Boxee through either UPNP, SMB, or other file transfer protocols. Here are some scenarios and situations I feel we may need to address for this to be successful.

  1. Boxee in itself capable of directly streaming with SMB, easily set up on Mac.
    1. My experience with SMB protocol has been a bit slow and unreliable.
    2. SMB is multiplatform accessible so that’s a plus.
    3. I feel we need to benchmark and see how reliable SMB is, if we just map a partition or folder where all the content is going to be.
    4. Is it easy to reconnect? Suppose the remote client switches off, and wants to reconnect.
  2. Boxee can also utilize UPNP, but I am not sure how exactly this protocol works.
    1. Setting the content up on Mac so it is easily “plug and play” I have no idea how to do.
    2. Seems reliable but again how fast is the bandwidth. FTP isn’t that great, is it a variant of FTP? I need to read up more on it.
    3. It is multi platform friendly so that again is a plus.
  3. Boxee vs Plex. The major benefit I see in Plex vs Boxee and XBMC is the background media server always running. This makes users on the network be able to easily connect to each other w/o mapping drives. Plus, the user does not even have to run Plex to be able to share it, and to top it off, the media manager is an indexing meta-data reference that correctly labels your movies. I cannot see an option in Boxee to re-lable content if it has mistakenly identified it something else.
    1. Would it be too ambitious to write a separate plugin/ background service that is constantly running in the background scanning the network for other boxee clients to be able to connect with and automatically assimilate the indexed content. The main objective would be basically get the directories of the files in other boxee clients then be able to map it into boxee and therefore stream it. It basically makes a vigilant effort to automatically map remote content.
      1. The reason I suggest this is in VPN’s benifits. If we can set up VPN configurations so that when a remote client ever wants to watch content off the server, connect through VPN and have the background service automatically recognize remote content indexed by the boxee client on the server on the other end. Very similar to how Plex does it. This way we are not relying on any file protocol, just a tunneled service via VPN.
      2. Will this method be a better alternative to SMB, SSH, or UPNP?

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