MAC OSX 10.7 Lion Developer’s Edition Hackintosh

This post is one of many regarding the development in the Hackintosh Community and Personal Home Media Center Solution category.

There’s pretty good news and evidence out there on the web right now regarding successful installation of OSX Lion on a hackintosh. First evidence is the visual. YouTube has a few videos up from users that have installed OSX lion up and running thriving on their machines.

It’s not as easy as it looks however. There are a few major differences on Lion that hinder the standard installation process of a hackintosh. One major one being is it’s installation method, it’s quite bizarre. Here is an explanation from Netkas (Yes, one of the the main Distro developer’s blog) of how OSX Lion installs.

How lion installation works
When u run install app from dmg, in your installed osx, it copies all pkgs and basesystem.dmg to target volume, and blesses it, no actual installation done.
Then, when u boot from target volume, it actualy boots from basesystem.dmg, then starts install.
But basesystem.pkg in just few mbs now, wtf?
It copies parts of mounted basesystem.dmg to a (target) volume.
after installation done, it removes basesystem.dmg and pkgs.
so, here is first reason why chameleon cant handle it, no support for booting from a file (with root fs).

netkas’ blog

Since Chameleon is out of the question, there however have been break through in getting around this issue. The solution’s name is: XPC Bootloader (AKA UEFI Bootloader). This is one of the newest boot-loaders that get closer to simulating EFI for a natural booting into OSX. For more information check out this link.

On a side note, it’s pretty cool to see how similar Lion 10.7 is to Snow Leopard Server 10.6.7 as far as functionality goes. But respect to i-candy, I’m sure Lion wins that competition. Here are some pics of OS X 10.7 (beta) [I happened to get a hold of it and tried it out myself, this is my macbook pro running 10.7]


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