Badge Allocation and Responsibilities.

Note to Ky:

We allocated responsibilities and badges among our group during class Friday. I was not sure which ones you could commit to and take interest in so I have left out your name on badge applications. Please take the time to review this post and edit in your name where you feel you can dedicate the time and responsibility in completing a/some badge(s). Please let me know or edit in any due dates that seem unreasonable. In conjuring these deadlines, I had in mind 1 whole week and a few days safety period before the convention to have these badges done at the latest.

Blog Badges:


  • Rhetorical Awareness  – (COMPLETE)
  • Regular updates – (COMPLETE)
  • Badge Design (COMPLETE)

Elective badges

  • Social Media Integration – Stephanie (April 19)
  • World Awareness -Chris Agular (April 19)
  • Regular Readers- (COMPLETE)


  • Project proposal – (COMPLETE)
  • Class Themes/ Content Badge- (COMPLETE)
  • Rhetorical Awareness badge – (COMPLETE)
  • Visual Badge: Mayank (april 19)
  • Written Badge – Chris (April 19)

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