Most Compatible Video Cards Hackintosh.

EDIT:(OCTOBER 21, 2011) Check out the post for problems with the XFX HD 5770 card. Many people have encountered problems with this card updating to Lion 10.7.x.

I know when I was shopping around for my hardware for the hackintosh build, I was extremely weary about which video card to buy. Obviously the number 1 priority should be given to choosing the most compatible of motherboards, but the number 1 anxiety often falls toward picking the right video card. It’s pretty crucial step for a install that’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy, or an install that’s a major migraine that Tylenol can’t even resolve. So here I have decided to provide a list of “better-end” video cards that may help in making your selection.

  1. ATI HD5770 (reference card preferably)
    1. This is the one I used and love it. Check out this article regarding reference cards. This is the reason I haven’t really posted which Vendor to get it from. This card works off the bat pretty well, same series used in the old iMac’s when they were still powered by ATI (now Nvidia).
  2. nVidia 7000 Series (GT’s have shown to have easy installation IE 7600GT, 7300GT, etc.)
    1. Kext associated with the card: natit.kext
  3. nVidia 9800 GT
  4. This card is pretty badass, with 1GB of ram with 2 DVI outputs and runs quietly. This card has known to work with a vanilla install. It can get very tedious, but is known to work well when configured properly. The files and directions you’ll need to make this card work can be found here. You could simplyfy the process by simply using OSx86 Tools to insert your device ID and EFI strings.
  5. nVidia GT240, GT220, GT 250
    1. These are relativly new cards and pretty powerful. Many users have shown to get it to work properly, but I have heard a rumor it runs OSX nativly only in 64 bit and creates a kernel panic in 32 bit. This could be however due to a kernel issue.
    2. To ease installation, Netkas has released fakesms.kext, Silent Natitx86_64 v.1.0.2.
  6. GeForce GTX 285 (1GB)
    1. Known to work out of the box!

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