World Awareness

There exists throughout the web, countless tutorials for building a hackintosh. However, one in particular stood out for its neat design and its effectiveness in outlining the necessary steps for a successful hackintosh. The tutorial can be found at its full url!321913/build-a-hackintosh-mac-for-under-800. It begins with a choice of different methods in approaching the tutorial. Some involve complete written instructions listed step-by-step on the page while another method offers a page with step-by-step video clips. Each method does however consist of images which help in showing what steps must be done and can serve as a checkpoint for readers during the process of their respective hackintosh’s. Also, the tutorial takes in consideration if an individual prefers a specific software such as Snow Leopard by offering a separate page listing the required procedure. The main goal of the web page is to obviously help individuals construct a hackintosh. That being said, their audience is centered around mostly “technology savvy” people due to to the expectation that the readers would at least know what software they would plan to use. No matter the methods, the final product is a successful hackintosh as long as the steps in the desired tutorial were followed. Furthermore, the web page, consisting of the tutorial, achieves credibility as a reliable source and builds a relationship with users as their respective hackintosh’s are formed. The tutorial found on the page is very similar to ours in that they both offer detailed instructions on constructing a hackintosh and give explanations on the materials used for the process.


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