Lawl, Forgive me. BUT I got LION to work! woot.

So, the solution to get your XFX 5770 ending in ZNFC is to get a roommate with a ASUS ATI EAH5770, and make a trade. I admit, I miss my XFX already with its dual DVI ports, but I don’t think it wasn’t worth the risk of bricking the card by attempting a flash. Therefore I ask for forgiveness, I promised a tutorial in how to flash your XFX, but I did not deliver. However I guess I’ll share my experience with the new  ASUS ATI5770 card.

First off all, directly switching cards works! — though be it only partially. This possibly can be overcome by rebooting via your chameleon boot-loader and typing in ” AtiConfig=<Vervet> ” I haven’t tried this, because when I got the new card, I ensued a clean install shortly after. The “vervet” This is a different configuration for the new video card. My experiences with just switching the cards physically and nothing else:

  • Only one output works (DVI)
  • VGA port does not work at all
  • HDMI port did not work
  • Summary: no dual display

Doing a clean install:

I did a clean install of 10.6.3, then a combo update to 10.6.7 (I could never update to 10.6.8 for some reason, never could i get it to work) then applied kext and DSDT.aml via latest multibeast. Then I used the tutorial to upgrade to Lion, and it worked like a charm. Just note: When you boot into Lion, reinstall all the kext (to be safe) and upon reboot in chameleon type ” AtiConfig=<Vervet> ” for full functionality of the video card.


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