All components officially have arrived.

First of all, I didn’t realize how small the mother board of the micoITX form factor is. Pleasant surprise I guess. Anyways, here is a post to indicate that assembly and installation are soon to come. In a Week and a half or so I’ll begin assembly, Write up a tutorial as I go, take pictures and upload to WordPress and be sure to document any issues I run into and how I got about around them. Cheers anyone and everyone following these posts.


26 comments on “All components officially have arrived.

  1. I have the same board/cpu/ram combo as you. I have been able to get 10.7 loaded via unibeast but only via the -x boot arg. I was then able to combo update to 10.7.2 and load the DSDT for the board the realtek audio ktext using multibeast as well as the chimera 1.7 bootloader. However at this point it wouldn’t boot via chimera or unibeast with no args or -x, but I was able to get it to boot into single user mode and change chimera to boot with GraphicsEnabler set to No. I’ve yet to get the integrated hd3000 graphics or audio working, network worked oob. Just wanted to see how your build was going and if you’ve had any more luck than me.

  2. well that’s some bitter sweet news. I’ve yet to open up the boxes and assemble the hardware. That’s next week for me. But I am very anxious, I will keep you posted. Im surprised HD3000 didn’t work OOB, I thought that was natively supported by Lion 10.7.2……

    • Perhaps it has something to do with the fact I’m starting with 10.7 or I’m doing something stupid, but I haven’t given up yet.

  3. I’m in the same boat… I bought the ga-h61n-usb3 per the TonyMacx86 mini guide and assembled everything but I keep getting a waiting for root device error before I even get to the install Lion screen… Using Unibeast USB stick created via a snow leapord vmplayer build…

    Love to see another guide… Happy holidays all

  4. Ok, so I had quit a bit more success tonight. First integrated graphics (hd 3000) is working but only with HDMI, I had been using VGA (couldn’t try DVI so I’m not sure if that works or not). Simply switched to an HDMI cable and set GraphicsEnabler back to Yes and bam! I was also able to get audio working (at least via analog, I haven’t tried any of the other output). I had previously installed the realtek audio kext from multibeast, I just removed any of the other HDA kexts except ALC8XXHDA and AppleHDA. I still don’t have USB 3.0 working (tried the USB 3.0 kext in multibeast with no luck).

  5. Glad to hear that HD3000 is up and running. I remember that little hitch, I think I read in an earlier forum that analog output of video isn’t supported in HD3000 on OSX. Totally slipped my mind. BTW have you checked to see if Audio is coming from the HDMI port yet? OOB?

  6. Wow… I switched the sata cable for the hard drive to 0 and I was then able to get to the install screen… I was not using hdmi so I needed to use GraphicsEnablers=No… Still not able to get it to boot from HD but I have the USB in all the time… Once I switched to HDMI I was able to skip the GraphicsEnabler flag and get much better graphics…

  7. I’ve got virtually the same setup and still haven’t been able to get to the install screen. Sometimes it gets stuck on the ethernet address, sometimes on waiting for root device. I’ve tried moving the sata port and usb drive around a couple times.

    I’m trying to install on 10.7.2 which may be the issue?

    • I used the downloaded 10.7.2… I had to disconnect my DVD drive and started with only 4GB of RAM…(now at 8GB) I upgraded my BIO to F2… HD in SATA_0… AHCI set in BIOS… I used several USB drives but that turned out not to be an issue… (4GB limit on initial setup is real… you get a “NO GO” (circle with a line thru it) otherwise…

      Still can’t get Chimera to work but I got a low-profile 8GB USB that I placed in a rear USB port and use it as my boot device… Loving my Mini-Mac!

  8. These comments are seriously starting to worry me, I am starting on my build now as I type, opening the boxes.

    If all fails, you can use a supported temporary dedicated video card (like the ATI5770) install SL.7 then upgrade to lion.

    With so many people looking for a decent how-to I am more determined to make a detailed tutorial on installing 10.7.2 on this. Give me a week or so guys….

    here i goo….

  9. So I have it installed with 10.7 now. My issue now is that the onboard graphics appear to be super slow. When I run in safe mode the computer is quite speedy, but when I try to run the computer normally with full resolution it’s almost stalled. Anyone have an idea about this?

  10. So, here is my update: Fully assembled the Minitosh, pics coming soon.

    One of the easiest installs I have ever done. The OS installed flawlessly. I Have 10.7.2 up and running. Followed Unibeast steps to the dot. Now the things that aren’t functioning properly:

    AUDIO: I did some messing around with kexts, and edited a few myself. Got Optical Out wiring, but no analog ports.

    HDMI: The computer freezes at the grey apple loading screen while booting.

    DVI: works properly

    Network: Ethernet Works properly.

    I installed a 1 PCIe wireless adapter with a mPCI wifi card (Look at my latest post regarding the cheapest PCIe Wifi solution) The Card was inserted in a 16x PCIe slot, it was not detected. I inserted the car din my 4x PCIe slot in my other hackintosh, it was detected and functions properly. I think it’s some driver issues not the 1x PCIe adapter in a 16x PCIe adapter problem….. have to work on that….

    USB3.0: fully functional

    eSATA: not tested.

    VGA: not tested, probably doesn’t work.

    TODO list:

    *To get HDMI fully functional with audio
    *To make analog audio ports to work as well
    * get Wifi card to work properly.
    *In the midst of all that, maintain Optical Audio Output’s functionality


    Make an easy install package with all edits for people with the same board.


    • Do you think it’s worth the update to 10.7.2? I’ve got my computer working perfectly now I think… I haven’t tried booting with HDMI in but I did switch from DVI to HDMI while it was on and it worked fine. Analog audio works for me, don’t have a way to test digital.

      • Oh, also what do you have the on-chip frame buffer set to? It seems to me that it only works right if it’s at 64 mb but my instinct would be to have it set higher…

  11. I have yet to meddle with the on chip frame buffer, it’s at what ever default is. 10.7.1 vs 10.7.2 not much of a difference. I mean if yours is stable as is why tinker with it. I just need HDMI def. to work with audio. Then the wifi card. then I’m done. You can test your optical out by just switching to optic out in system pref under audio and see if you get a red light out of that port. If so, it is possible that you have optic out working as well.

    • I did change the BIOS Video buffer size… I had it max’d (480MB+2MB) and I was getting artifacts… dropped it down to a clean 256MB and cleaned video right up…

      Analog audio is working fine for me… System is very fast especially for only an i3… will try a wireless USB in the next few days… basically everything is working for me except for the boot from HD but again this is a non issue as I put in a $8 low profile 8GB USB dongle in the back and all is good. Again I went straight to 10.7.2 without anything in between.

      The Presbyterian Pastor in me needs to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas!

  12. Update: I patched the DSDT on tony’s website, now it will support HDMI output for me. Though the intention originally was to support HDMI audio out with video, that hasn’t worked yet… (a bit frustrating). I do not have optical audio out anymore just analog from the back ports, none form the front. No audio inputs either. Wifi card is giving me a bit a headache… so well now that HDMI is working its small progress I guess.

    • I am going to be honest with you mate, this MOBO is a headache trying to get Audio out form HDMI. I had initial problems booting into OS with HDMI port plugged in, I solved that with a custom patched DSDT and some Kext edits, which I am willing to post if you require them tonight. I was going to post it all when i completely solved this issue of audio out with HDMI. Seems like a edit I keep doing to the AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB stops me from booting properly. DSDT has been successfully patched, the Audio kexts have been successfully patched to allow Optical Out and Analog out. Here is where I stand thus far:

      Wifi (with my cheap ass wifi solution see latest post) : not working with this hackintosh but working with my old on… can’t understand why

      Ethernet: havn’t teased but confident it’s working, detected under network preferences

      Audio: analog( only rear green port) and optic out

      Graphics: HDMI (can boot with), DVI (with slight residue), I don’t think VGA will ever work, haven’t tried it yet.

      USB 3.0: detected under system profiler as “Super-highspeed USB port” but it hasn’t been functioning well or detecting my USB3.0 flash when i plug it into the USB3.0 port. I have to tinker with it a bit more….

      esata: haven’t tested.

      anything I am missing? let me know if I can help! I am desperate and determined to get HDMI audio out working properly, I want my hack to run on only two wires. Power, HDMI (with audio) and controlled through iPad through Wifi. πŸ™‚ for my parents who aren’t mac savvy ya see? πŸ˜‰

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