UPDATE: on ATI XFX 5770 ZNFC Lion Problems.

Well I do have plans of flashing my XFX some time, but not anytime soon. I wanna help people  out so here’s some information I gathered. you must have the EXACT card I am using, but if you’re using the one I am (posted on hardware’s tab my XFX 577A-ZNFC, note the ZNFC!), there is a good chance you can flash the ROM on the video card with Apple’s reference 5770 card (they should both have the same ports and form factor, check if yours does!) and then everything should run as native as it’s gonna get. However, I have heard one success story with this particular rom: VGA Bios XFX.HD5770.1024.090926.bin . You can google around or try this URL www.thechpowerup.com There is a risk of bricking your card of you don’t back up and you’ll probably have to use ATI’s utility on Windows to do the flashing. Remember to back up your current ROM as well.  If you want to use Display Port for 3 monitors, you’ll have to reinstall 10.6.7 kext files: ATI5000Controller, ATIFramebuffer, ATISupport. That’s easily done by downloading that combo update and digging through it with Pacifist.I hope this helps, and if you’re willing to do it, im willing to give you editor status to this blog to document your progress and technique! Let me know.


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